I am a professional photographer fully committed to helping recreational photographers explore their own vision. Every good photograph I am able to create is an outward expression of my inner vision. From decades of practicing the art of photography my appreciation of the natural world continues to expand, along with a better understanding of my place in it. It is this experience I bring to the showroom.

Many people come to my classes with the assumption that you must learn all the advanced features of a digital camera before you can shoot like a pro. But just as a new computer won’t make you a better writer, there’s more to creating a great picture then a sound knowledge of digital technology.

In the classroom I will clarify the technical language associated with digital photography and demonstrate practical techniques everyone can use. On photo excursions my mission is to nurture, inspire and challenge participants to use their cameras to explore their own personal aesthetic.

Peter resides with his wife and two children in a small community just north of Stouffville Ontario.