Corporate Activities

Fundamentals of Creative Photography

Anyone who travels with a camera or photographs their family will rethink the way they take pictures after this lively keynote presentation.  This entertaining hour is filled with eye popping visuals and simple strategies that anyone can adopt immediately. While the core presentation is intended for a general audience it can be customized to more specific topics to attend to the interests of your group or function. Use it as a Lunch & Learnor make it part of a larger corporate retreat.

Photo Retreats

If it’s a change of scenery you want for your staff, a photo retreat can be planned from half a day to a full weekend. They can be made to be as lively or relaxing as you wish, the destination chosen will ensure this. Participants will have the opportunity to build relationships in a casual setting that just can’t be done behind a desk. This photo based retreat was specifically created to inspire creativity, increase group dynamics and clear the mind of each participant. Every detail is taken care of by Wilderness Withinfrom transportation to accommodations and food.

Team Building

If you have not yet tapped into the creative potential of your staff, it’s probably because individuals work like individuals. This program was created on the belief thattrust is the best foundationfor relationship building among employees.Participants will be required to work in small groups and will need to make use of dozens of tipsoffered to strengthen their relationships with each other. They will also needto draw on creative methods to provide feedback and handle subtle emotional issues. Anyone responsible for managing clients will benefit immensely from this program. The wide range of exercises will demand thateach individual remain focused,develop effective observational skills and be confident in their ability to achieve perfection. All this and the only things needed is a compact camera for each participant and a highly energized facilitator to carry the torch.By day’s end people will depart with a heightened urgency to act quickly, stay mindful to the needs of others and most importantly, think creatively.